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The Summer of Travel

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This is it, this is the big summer synapsis.

Last summer at this point the blog was the biggest thing on my mind, I was posting multiple times a week, getting samples in the mail daily, getting more views than I could even imagine right now. I got 408 views one day and about 2000 views in one week, today the blog has about 28,000 views total so that was huge. Last summer I really didn’t have friends on my mind because quite frankly I didn’t have them. I was blazing through recovery but still very unconnected with the true me.

As you can infer, this summer has been different in almost every aspect. The blog, although it still brings me pleasure, has become a mere afterthought. My life has taken such an upward (seeming) turn this summer, especially in this last week or two with school approaching. To start, I am truly happy with my body, sure I feel I want bigger arms and more overall strength, I am happy and truly feel (almost) like a normal teen. Except I’ve learned (this summer) that I really don’t want to be normal:
Adjective- Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.
Noun- The usual, average, or typical state or condition.
I’ve learned so much about myself through travel, alone time, learning about other things, exercise, friends, non friends and more. I’ve learned I truly like being the artsy, quirky, opinionated, athletic, different, photographer guy who actually cares about fashion and the world around me extremely. It’s all hard to put in words but I know even though I hate getting crap (ex. made fun of/harassed) about who I am, I truly still wouldn’t want to change myself. So what if I get associated with the word gay, weird, awkward or anything like that, I am happy with who I’ve become AND my 1000 followers Instagram (shameless plug).

So many good things have just recently occurred to get me ecstatic for the coming year! First, I got my class schedule and put it up on Instagram and found out that I have many people who I like and I would like to be better friends with. Second, a senior who graduated last year named Devon, texted me out of the blue and asked if I wanted to hang because he is commuting and all his friends are leaving. I don’t mean to sound like a teenage girl, but we have so much in common like cooking, geocaching, music, learning and he is in the group of friends that I’ve always wanted to “break into.” Just yesterday he told me he knew somebody who wanted to go to homecoming with me and I guessed right away because it’s the girl I was already thinking about asking! I guess I’m a compulsive planner but I can already see her being cool with a very interesting style because she is kind of a “hipster” type. I can already Devon and I cooking up a fancy homecoming meal! My school starts in 13 days and although I’m gonna make the most out of my summer I am very excited to go back!

My favorite teacher once told my class how he names his summers by things that happen. I’m calling this summer, the Summer of Travel. Last Summer would have been the Summer of Recovery. The explanation for the name is simple. I traveled all around Europe with my mom and brother in late June and early July. It exposed me to many new things and I feel blessed to be able to experience what I have at such a young age but it also inspires me to become something in life so I can give my kids the same opportunities. I also traveled on a cross country road trip with my dad the past two weeks and visited places like Boulder, Colorado; Flagstaff, Arizona; St. Louis, Missouri; and I got to see all the beautiful land between those places specifically Utah and all the national parks. I learned how stunning the United States actually are. We have geography like no other country in the world and that’s truly incredible. Driving from Boulder, Colorado down to Flagstaff, Arizona the range of scenery was so incredibly diverse from rolling hills to redrock formations jutting up into the sky to the biggest hole in the world, The Grand Canyon!


Throughout the summer not only did I travel over 15,000 miles, I also did it in what I would have to call perfect weather. Before we went to Germany they had been having major rain and flooding but after we arrived we never once encountered rain besides while driving. Overall, the whole trip to Europe could be described as ungodly hot but that’s better than rain in my opinion (looking back at it now.) When I stepped out of the hotel and had sweat through my shirt in 10 minutes I may not have thought it to be perfect weather now but really I have to work to recall that fact, if it would have rained I wouldn’t remember things being as good!

Explain travels and how perfection followed me.

Explain things learned in travel.

Well this is where I left the post after one night I was very inspired. Since then I’ve had no desire to write, so I haven’t. Life has been pretty good for the most part and maybe one day ill explain, maybe not. I love anyone who has ever followed, liked, commented or anything. You have all helped me in unthinkable ways and I can never repay you so thank you❤

One thought on “The Summer of Travel

  1. Hey-yoooo!! I know this comment is really late, but give me a break because I’ve been sick. :P
    Haha, Alek, I’m really glad that things are going well for you! Like mentally, and in real life! It’s pretty awesome how far everyone’s come after about a year or two of blogging.. How much we’ve changed, ya know?
    Have an awesome school year! And enjoy homecoming :D

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