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WIAW in Paris!!


This without a doubt will be my most fancy, delectable, amazing WIAW ever. This is WIAW in Paris! I was in Paris as the last part of my European vacation. I visited Germany, Rome and Salzburg before Paris. I did a WIAW For Germany and Rome here! I put other pictures from the trip in two post, here is Germany and Salzburg and here is Rome and Paris!

Steak Frites
Apple and Salted Caramel Breton-Style Crépe

Then we went to a restaurant called Cul de Poule (Butt of Chicken) as recommended strongly by our lonely planet book. It was a small cute place and our best meal in Paris! If you ever visit Paris I highly recommend getting a reservation and going here (even though you may not need one!) It’s near Montmarte in northern Paris!
Appetizer of smoked salmon, cornichons and mustard sauce.
Appetizer of duck over orange essence puréed potatoes, this was one of the most interesting dishes I’ve had my whole like but we didn’t leave a drop of those potatoes on the plate! 20130716-093732.jpg
Monkfish with creamy quinoa (I want to make this!!)
Some fish I can’t remember with carrots and onion sauce.
This is one of the best plates of food I’ve ever tasted. It’s not too fancy but the flavors were heavenly. It was a (huge) grilled pork chop over a carrot/sweet potato purée with Asian BBQ sauce (soy based). Thesweetness of the purée and pork against the sauce made this amazing and I WILL recreate this dish!

M&M 2.0 for dessert was a molten lava cake with peanut butter mouse and crushed m&ms.
To break up food pictures here is my family at the Louvre! I’m on the left in my new Parisian H&M shirt!

The las night for dinner was the dinner I had chosen after much research given that I didn’t have weeks in advance to get reservations. I chose it because it was close to our Homeaway apartment and because it was one of the top rated and reviewed in Paris! This restaurant was called Au Passage. It was a little disappointing but incredible in principle. Everyday the Australian born chef makes up new lunch AND dinner menus, with a dinner menu comprise of 20 items! I think I just came on a bad day and other days I would have LOVED it!
Tuna with radishes, charred onions and a broth poured once it arrived at the table.
Sea snails with potatoes and bream. The snails were chewy and disgusting unless eaten with the potatoes.
Beef Carpaccio, or raw beef slices, with anchovies and miso sauce. This was my first carpaccio and I guess it was like beefy sushi.
Pearl Barley, Celery, Almonds, Ygurt. This one was so strange and good! There was so much contrast in textures and taste!

Scotch Egg, soft boiled egg, coated in sausage and breadcrumbs and fried.

Strawberry ice cream and mint and strawberries

Crème Brûlée

Macarons I love!

Well that’s it for Paris! Hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “WIAW in Paris!!

  1. Paris! I can not wait to go there one day! Of course I want to see the country but is it sad I’m more excited about the food! Looks like you had a great time! Happy WIAW!

  2. Oh wow…all your food looks amazing. The food in Paris in incredible there is so much good stuff there.

  3. Some good looking french eats there. And not being biased, but of course the Australian Chef had the best restaurant you went to ;) #aussiepride

    Hope the trip was amazing!

  4. ..dude. so much foodporn. xD
    and I am SO jealous of your European trip.

  5. looks like you had an amazing trip, totally jealous

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