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Marvelous Trekky Monday


It’s kind of pathetic I realized I pretty much only ever post for either MIMM or WIAW. I would post more but what other link ups are there! I like link ups because new people see the blog and I find new people too! Regular old post take a lot of motivation I just don’t have!

So the title may have deceived you, I didn’t actually go on a trek (is that a thing?) It is about my new bike! My parents split the cost and it’s my 16th birthday present 3 months late :) I have been watching Craigslist like a hawk for months now and finally found this bike that seemed just perfect except for the price of $900. It was a brand new 2013 Trek road bike ($1000) and $200 of accessories but my dad didn’t like the price because it was still “used” (for 28 miles.) Long story short we got the price down to 700 and I got it (even though I felt a tad guilty for ripping the guy off kind of.)


The bike is incredible! It looks beautiful and feels beautiful. It’s so light, it’s probably under 15 pounds! My patience and need to find the perfect bike paid off. It is 56cm which should fit me my whole life as long as I don’t grow taller than 6’3″!

I rode it 30 miles in just under two hours Sunday and loved every second of it! I love biking almost as much as running:) I just love being able to go so fast but still getting a very hard workout. I can get so much further than I can running so I can see so much more! This dam was my turnaround point 15 miles away!

I learned something that wasn’t so good though, you can’t do a workout on a bike that and expect to run the next day very well! My thighs were killing me the whole time I ran this morning. I felt weak and didn’t want to turn back before the other guys but I don’t want to get hurt so I decided to anyways.

In other very marvelous news I found a girl that I can be myself with and it’s amazing and I love it! :) It’s just such a playful fun relationship thus far but idk what will come out of it!

That’s all for today! Wednesday I will post WIAW with Paris food so stay tuned! And if you didn’t see last weeks WIAW in Rome and Germany I would have to recommend that you look :)

PS I really apologize for the horrible photo quality!!! I don’t understand wordpress sometimes :(


4 thoughts on “Marvelous Trekky Monday

  1. Great blog. I read all your posts from the time you started blogging when I stumbled upon this blog. Keep at it.

  2. I would probably like biking if I was actually out instead of at the gym. It bores me silly! The funny thing is that I can run on a treadmill with no problem!

  3. good to see another male blogger! we need more of them! The scenery looks beautiful, and the bike looks epic! Enjoy!

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