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WIAW in Germany and Rome!


I decided to break up my trip into two sections for WIAW because I have so many (food) pictures its unbelievable! The first 3 days of my trip were in Germany (specifically Bavaria) so I will start with those! After Bavaria I went to Salzburg for 2 days!

This is actually the airplane food on the way over. It was some Asian chicken but it was truly good! The rice was like sushi rice!

Yoghurt flavored gelato at Neuschwanstein Castle (see this post for pictures of landmarks named in this WIAW)


My hotel in Munich’s incredible free breakfast, a fried egg, muesli and a caramel machioto :) I’m not sure if ever mentioned it by I discovered a love for foamy cappuccinos after trying one at Starbucks! I blame Amanda for always tempting me with her coffee shots!

Goulash at a Munich beirgartin (beer garden like Octoberfest)



Food at a 1200 year old restaurant in Salzburg near the Sound of Music graveyard. First is bread and spreads, second scallops and risotto, last is vienerschnitzel.

Grilled chicken is my favorite food <3 in Rome!


A warm fresh croissant and cappuccino was breakfast before Roman sightseeing!

A fried risotto ball for lunch!


An amazing dinner in Rome with calamari, pasta and sea bass

So that was my WIAW! I appologize for the small pictures.My laptop is completly jacked! :^(

Next week I will share my food from Paris! It was just s amazing as you would imagine! ;)

I just cant

PS: If your a fan of oatmeal and you’d like a delicious, custmizable healthy oatmeal check out ! It has so many healthy exciting options! I’m getting a cake batter blend soon and I’ll tell you how it is!

17 thoughts on “WIAW in Germany and Rome!

  1. your free breakfast looks best of all! i love caramel macchiatos. just found your blog; your story of recovery is great.

  2. That’s pretty amazing looking airplane food!! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Have a great day!

  3. Are those Semmelknödel you had with the goulash? They’re one of my favourite German dishes – served up with a vegetarian dish, though. Next time you visit Germany you should let me know ;).
    I’m not even a coffee drinker but those pictures of foamy cappuccinos and latte macchiatos …

    • They were spaetzl I think but probably similar! What kind of vegetable dish do you have it with! I probably won’t be back very soon sadly! I hope eventually I will be back I really liked it! Haha and yeah even if your not a coffee drinker I’d say give a dry Starbucks cappuccino with a shot of vanilla (sugar free or not!) and I don’t think anybody couldn’t like that!

      • Those definitely aren’t Spätzle in the goulash pictures :). Spätzle are some kind of noodles and it does look like you had Semmelknödel or a similar kind of dumplings with it. Either way, Semmelknödel are delicious and I traditionally like to have them with a (vegan) mushroom cream sauce. I could try to find an English recipe if you’d like to try preparing them that way at home.

      • I see that now! I put spaetzl in later because I didn’t like what it was with, it was a bread dumpling?

  4. Beautiful – terrible drool worthy – pictures! Glad I stumbled on your blog!

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog! :D

    Oh my, that food looks INCREDIBLE! It looks like your having an awesome time traveling! :D

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  7. Oh so much fun! I just returned from the UK (not nearly as good of food as yours) but loved trying new things. I definitely made sure to test all the coffee places out just for fun.

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