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Rainy Monday

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Bleh, this is not a nice way to welcome me back. In the two weeks in Europe I didn’t see any rain at all. The first week was an earthly sauna, the second cool and gloomy weather at points but no rain. Ever since I arrived back all we’ve had is rainy, stormy weather 😒

Well before I get on with real life again here are pictures from my last week of the trip! Like I said I will write about a little soon!

Vatican City

The Colosseum20130701-110821.jpg


One of Rome’s (Romes’?) 100 obelisk.20130701-111709.jpg
Arc De Triomphe
The Eiffel Tower, was on strike so I couldn’t go up in it!
The Mona Lisa, she was not very impressive.
The love lock bridge in Paris!
You can’t go to Paris without getting macarons! And lots more delicious food! See Wednesday’s WIAW this week (;
Back at my cousin’s house in Germany, there are so many bike trails <3 And everyone is so active and nobody is overweight! Step up America!


Now that I’m back I have a month till vacation with my dad! I have such a long list of things I want to do its overwhelming but exciting I want to have a productive, fun, amazing summer and it’s looking good :)

Chow! (Goodbye in German!)

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