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Surprise Friday dinner


So I said last night I was gonna have some surprise. It ended up being going to a nice restaurant I had never been to. My mom saw the special was teriyaki salmon with a harvest hash and thought I would love it.

The harvest hash was sweet potato, potato, edamame and carrot. It was spiced with a flavor I couldnt pinpoint. It was delicious and the salmon was amazing. It was a gorgeous deeply pink Alaskan river caught wild salmon!

Before this we got a seared sea scallop appetizer. It was just one scallop per person and simple with just a bears blanc (which I learned how to make but probably never will) I can make better scallops myself healthier and cheaper!

We really shared all three dishes but the salmon was mostly mine! We got another special corn-panko crusted tilefish. Our fantastically gay waiter explained tilefish was similar to swordfish because they have the same diet. It also came with the hash.

It was really heavily crusted I think because it was really rushed because we had to send it back for a little problem, a hair. It kills me because everything on the plate was worth 10+ dollars and was still but I’m sure it was thrown away. I know it shouldn’t bother me that much but I should have just grabbed the fish at least:(

Last thing we shared was a chicken tikka marsala with brown rice.

This was very good. A very delicate flavor and nicely creamy from the yogurt in the sauce.

Back home I tried to make something with sweet potato and coconut flour but it didn’t turn out:( Tasted fine but whatever!

Then to end the night my brother and friend invited me over to sleepover. I went over and had fun but ate a ton even those I was stuffed:( And I drank two diet cokes bleh I’m challenging myself to a pop less weekend! This little problem led to some very bad thoughts and a post I am working on :/

And that surprise I promised for the blog is coming (;

5 thoughts on “Surprise Friday dinner

  1. Can I just say that I am very impressed by your descriptions of foods lately? You sound like a food critic, very discerning! Nice! And I’ve had the same problem with a pumpkin and coconut flour thing I tried to make, it tasted fine but was too crumbly. I think you can only use part coconut flour and have to use part other flour for a lot of things, because the coconut flour’s absorption is kinda sketchy.

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